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In a significant stride towards enhancing communication and collaboration, Audio Collaboration Technologies (ACT) recently completed a state-of-the-art audio-visual system installation at The Nature Conservancy in Kenya. This transformative project aimed to elevate the communication experience for the organization, fostering seamless interactions through cutting-edge technology. The installation featured top-of-the-line Logitech Rally Bar Mini and Rally Bar Plus systems, Specktron CDX interactive display screens, and the versatile Infobit iBox table unit.

Logitech Rally Bar Mini and Rally Bar Plus:

The cornerstone of this AV upgrade was the installation of Logitech’s Rally Bar Mini and Rally Bar Plus, two powerful devices designed to redefine video conferencing. The Rally Bar Mini, compact yet robust, delivers stunning audio and video quality, making it an ideal solution for small meeting spaces. On the other hand, the Rally Bar Plus caters to larger rooms, ensuring crystal-clear audio and vivid video for more extensive collaborations. Both systems feature advanced AI technologies, automatic framing, and adaptive audio to provide an immersive and inclusive meeting experience.

Specktron CDX Interactive Display Screens:

To facilitate dynamic presentations and collaborative brainstorming sessions, ACT incorporated Specktron CDX interactive display screens. These cutting-edge screens offer high-resolution visuals, responsive touch technology, and versatile connectivity options. The interactive nature of these displays promotes engagement, allowing participants at The Nature Conservancy to interact directly with content, fostering a more participatory and productive environment.

Infobit iBox Table Unit:

Adding the finishing touch to the installation, ACT introduced the Infobit iBox table unit – a compact and multifunctional collaboration hub. This sleek device combines wireless charging capabilities with connectivity options, turning meeting tables into efficient workstations. With the Infobit iBox, participants can share content effortlessly, ensuring a streamlined and cable-free collaboration experience.

Benefits and Impact:

The Nature Conservancy in Kenya now enjoys an upgraded communication infrastructure that aligns with the organization’s commitment to environmental conservation. The installed AV systems not only enhance the quality of virtual meetings and presentations but also promote sustainable collaboration practices. Reduced travel requirements and increased efficiency contribute to a more eco-friendly approach to communication and decision-making.


ACT’s successful installation of Logitech Rally Bar Mini, Rally Bar Plus, Specktron CDX interactive display screens, and Infobit iBox table units at The Nature Conservancy in Kenya marks a significant milestone in the organization’s pursuit of effective and sustainable collaboration. This transformative AV system not only enhances communication but also reflects a commitment to cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices. The Nature Conservancy can now look forward to a future of seamless, impactful collaboration, empowered by the latest audio-visual solutions.

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