In a world where education is evolving at a rapid pace, the integration of cutting-edge technology has become a cornerstone for progressive learning environments. We are delighted to share our recent participation as an audio-visual systems exhibitor at the Kenya Private School Expo, proudly sponsored by  Nation Media Group and held at Sarit Center. At our booth, we unveiled the Specktron CDX-i Interactive Screens, setting a new standard for interactive and collaborative learning.


Introducing the Specktron CDX-i Interactive Screens:

Our star of the show was the Specktron CDX-i Interactive Screen series, a groundbreaking technology designed to redefine the traditional classroom experience. These interactive screens seamlessly merge state-of-the-art features with educational efficacy, delivering an immersive and collaborative learning environment.

Key Features of the Specktron CDX-i Interactive Screens:

1. Precision Touch Technology:
The CDX-i series boasts advanced precision touch technology, allowing teachers and students to interact with content seamlessly. Whether it’s annotating over lessons, zooming into intricate details, or dragging and dropping elements, the screens respond effortlessly to touch, creating an intuitive and engaging experience.

2. Collaborative Learning Hub:
With the Specktron CDX-i, collaboration takes center stage. Multiple students can interact with the screen simultaneously, promoting teamwork and enhancing communication skills. The screens are designed to encourage group activities, turning classrooms into dynamic hubs of shared knowledge and creativity.

3. Versatile Connectivity:
The interactive screens support a wide range of connectivity options, ensuring compatibility with various devices and multimedia content. Teachers can integrate diverse educational resources seamlessly, from videos and presentations to interactive applications, providing a rich and versatile learning experience.

4. User-Friendly Interface:
Specktron prioritizes user-friendly interfaces, ensuring that educators can harness the full potential of the interactive screens with minimal learning curve. Intuitive controls and a straightforward interface empower teachers to focus on teaching rather than grappling with complex technology.

Feedback and Future Prospects:

Throughout the expo, the response to the Specktron CDX-i Interactive Screens was overwhelmingly positive. Educators expressed enthusiasm for the potential of this technology to transform their classrooms into vibrant spaces for interactive and collaborative learning.


Our participation in the Kenya Private School Expo was not just an exhibition; it was a celebration of the future of education. The Specktron CDX-i Interactive Screens, unveiled at the Sarit Center, represent a commitment to providing innovative solutions that empower educators and inspire students. As we reflect on the success of the expo, we look forward to partnering with educational institutions across Kenya to usher in a new era of interactive, collaborative, and dynamic learning experiences. The Specktron CDX-i series is more than a screen; it’s a catalyst for educational transformation.

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