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Our Markets

At ACT, we offer audio video solutions to Corporate Workplaces, Government, Houses of Worship, Hospitality, NGOS and Radio & TV to address a variety of needs. ACT helps equip and invigorate your organization with the products, services and solutions for today’s workplace.

Learning Institutions

Modern-day classrooms tend to focus more on collaborative active learning rather than talking heads lecturing passive students. AV technology has transformed classrooms from chalkboards to interactive boards with an emphasis on active multimedia learning and breaking walls to include distance learning. AV-enabled classrooms tend to offer higher productivity in students owing to visual aids applied during lectures.

We are at the forefront of turning our learning institutions into world-class facilities with the latest audio-visual technologies that not only plug and play but are very modular and offer ease of use.


Workspaces have become informal, modular, trendy and functional. AV technology has enabled workspaces to improve communication with clients and employees; promote the organization’s outlook, create the right atmosphere for your business, and hold and manage meetings among others. Office spaces can now be turned into meeting venues to bring all employees together without vacating their desks, share information and collaborate with colleagues/clients.

We make it happen with wireless presentations, digital signage, video collaboration, signal switching and interfacing, and control systems that ensure organizations can better share their experiences seamlessly.


Governments have become heavy users of AV technology to speed up and increase efficiency in their operations. Meeting and board rooms have now been equipped with modern audio-visual systems that enable them to communicate effectively and authoritatively.

Technology plays a significant role in all aspects of court proceedings, and this need has become ever more evident as courts have shifted to conduct business electronically and virtually, a development that will persist in the future

AVT is well-positioned to help the public sector enjoy the benefits of AV technology by providing solutions that meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

Houses of Worship

Houses of Worship are turning to advanced AV solutions and video to attract members, and keep the congregation’s focus. ACT’s solutions drive audio and video throughout the church without obstructive components and wiring that them distract from the message.

At ACT, we offer audio-video solutions to help houses of worship address a variety of needs: Echo Cancelling, Complete Sound Coverage, Church Sound System Optimization, Easily Operable Control Systems, Lighting Systems, Screens and Systems for Messaging, Video Displays, Video Streaming.


In a technology-driven society, an intuitive state-of-the-art AV system is as necessary as ever in the wide range of hospitality environments. ACT provides powerful and reliable AV signal distribution solutions with great efficiency and support to boost any social experience, resulting in increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

For the busy traveler, the hotel experience is very important. For the hospitality provider, it is valuable to create a nuanced environment for guests that exceed the highest level of comfort and convenience. ACT AV solutions integrated into these environments play many vital roles such as entertainment for guests, a concierge, or interactive displays all aimed at achieving a positive customer experience.

NGOs, Radio and TV

It’s essential that your speakers can be heard, regardless of audience size. A small room for a workshop or breakout space won’t need AV support. But a keynote speaker, panel session or Q&A will require an AV setup to suit. You need the right mic for the job. says Aaron. A solo speaker will need a static lectern microphone or a lapel mic. Q&A sessions require wireless microphones. Large venues will require proper sound reinforcement and large display screens. International meetings will require S.I.E language interpretation and voting.

Our systems provide these venues with the required technologies to meet the demands of international meetings.

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