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AV Collaboration Tools for Business

Our AV technologies improve collaboration between parties regardless of their physical locations. Collaboration tools give businesses more freedom than ever and ensuring teams maximize efficiency and drive engagement.

Collaboration technology can be a difficult thing to navigate, but our approach is simple: help you make sense of what’s available and deploy AV systems that will be adopted by even the most non-technical users.

The modern workforce expects the same experience working up the street at a coffee shop or halfway around the world as they have with colleagues when they’re in the same huddle spaces. Collaboration tools allow us to make sharing of information as fluid as possible and extend the user experience beyond just video chat. 

The tools in this category range from wireless presentation systems, which allow multiple people to locally share content, to full interactive whiteboards that can be seen from multiple locations at once – content sharing as if you were all in the same room without disruption to workflow. The same whiteboard experience can be sent real-time to remote participants on their laptops, or other digital whiteboards. With all parties interacting with the content in real-time you can ensure the message sent is the message received. 

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Technology to enable better collaboration between parties regardless of physical location.

Wireless Presentation Systems

These gateways allow you to connect your laptop or mobile device to a larger display without plugging in. Some gateways allow for multiple people to connect simultaneously so you can share more, faster in a single workspace. 

Digital Whiteboards

Hold virtual meetings in remote meeting spaces with parties located anywhere in the world and share information as if you were all in the same room, working off the same whiteboard. This is a great option for enabling cost-effective collaboration rooms for both fully remote teams or in a hybrid workplace.

Room Connectivity

When video conferencing, sometimes you just need to take what’s on your laptop and share it with a larger audience. Use familiar software like Zoom or Skype with audio visual solutions such as a built-in room camera, display, and audio systems. We offer several meeting room AV solutions for exactly these needs.

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