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Conference Systems

The new generation network digital conference system adopts the installation mode of conference main unit +integrated processor + microphone units, and one Cat5e (or more) Ethernet cable is used between the conference main unit and integrated processor, digitally synchronous transmission system audio and control signals. The integrated processor and the microphones are connected via Network Extender, which is convenient for wiring expansion. Digital signal processing can effectively improve the anti-interference ability, communication stability and confidentiality of the whole system, which not only solves the problem of long-distance wiring power supply, but also preserves the high fidelity of the analog system sound quality. Coupled with camera tracking, language interpretation, voting, RFID identification Signage, LCD Display- modern day conference systems have become all in one conferencing solutions for county halls/assemblies, parliaments, boardrooms, conference venues among others. Software enabled functions make the whole system plug and play with recording, streaming and archiving adding value into conference meetings.

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