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Safety and Security

 Every  workplace requires safe environment to conduct its business. At ACT- we provide organizations with AV/IT related solutions for safer environments.

EVAC – voice evacuation systems ensure that all can be reached at the press of a button to pass messages during emergencies to evacuate buildings or pass information just like at airports, railways stations or departmental stores.  Keep your team or clients safe at all times and ensure communication reaches them –clear and loud.

We also offer integrated surveillance cameras to capture, store and retrieve scenes of what has happened. Presence of CCTV cameras act as deterrent to would be law breakers and ensures that the environment is safe. Capture those moments in high resolution video-4K with AI analytics.

Limit and control entry and exit points by installing access control gadgets for human and automobiles. Ensure the authorized personnel access designated areas and capture their details.

Nurse call systems in hospitals offer direct communication between hospital staff and patients on beds during emergencies for fast and quick action.

Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems are increasingly common in nursing homes and care facilities. It is highly effective in improving and streamlining patient safety, reducing nurses’ workload and making their performance more efficient.

One of the key elements of providing quality care is to install the best nurse call system for the needs of your facility. This may not mean setting up the most expensive system, but it may include making your existing nurse call system the features you need in a constantly growing and demanding healthcare environment. As ACT family, we install innovative solutions to increase the satisfaction of your patients and staff.

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